Self Made Human, Outdoor ve Indoor Training Programs


Within the context of Self Made Human, Outdoor ve Indoor Training Programs we follow adult learning psychology literature and experiential learning methods which are considered as the most effective method of behavior changes.

The main purpose of our activities is to develop the competencies and leadership skills of each of our participants within the scope of team, department, unit and function at managing crisis, problems and dealing with difficult conditions.

In line with these goals, we contribute to maximizing the potential of your employees and your human resources management with our outdoor and indoor activities that are designed and implemented with highly specific constructs.

Each of our trainers and consultants, who carry out our experiential learning facilities, are known to be the best and most competent experts of our country in their own fields.

Using positive contribution of their past military careers, which are filled with crisis management under difficult conditions, they provide a great development of competencies of our participants in the areas of leadership, decision making, problem solving, crisis management and struggling against difficult conditions.