The individual is unique. Someone like himself has never been born before, and he will not come after. According to our understanding, the science of psychology is based on this principle and accepts any output based on cognitive production as the return of this principle. Hence, behavior is actually the result. It is the output of thoughts and subsequent emotions. They are also original choices, the effects of our thoughts and emotions ... In spite of these scientific foundations, the practice in our country is quite different. For example, when we look at the workplace, we observe people are not aware of the uniqueness of the individual principle and the reality. When we look at a little deeper reasons, our education system appears. We see that learning is based on memorization and static foundations. The education choices of our children and the occupation preferences of our youth are unfortunately made in a clear manner from refined personality analyzes and scientific determinations based on reality. Our people determine their professions and choose their future. Being influenced by the environment around them, they make school and occupation choices that are not in line with their original nature due to the effect of money earning and family pressure. Companies in the corporate company layer are budgeted against this 'arrival' and if they really realize the situation, they are budgeting their personality and behavior analysis. On the other hand, the norms in these analyzes are not questioned. We observe that there is not much information about the scientific reputation of the reports, the general acceptance rate, the scientific theories on which they are based and so on.

Let's say that a qualified and truly scientific measurement system is used; business doesn't stop here either. The budgets that are mostly allocated to this field are generally seen as purely expense items on the companies side. In order to provide an effective and competent solution on the development areas identified in recruitment, there is not much going on.

Usually cheap applications are preferred instead of scientific training based on measurements. Naturally, these processes, which remain in the position of palliative painkillers, cannot meet the development needs of human resources. Accordingly, the digital age change and transformation is not happening. It is possible to say clearly about the situation we have explained in detail above: The inefficiency, business dissatisfaction, lack of confidence and lack of communication result from these reasons. The reasons for behavior, motivation resources, personal competencies, natural abilities, strengths and areas of development are not measured scientifically, and the developmental road map cannot be taken out of those who are not reported. Therefore, such employees and leaders are struggling. They're gonna have more ...

So what do we promise as Self Made Human International Academy? We accept each individual as unique, measure their behaviors, motivators, talents, natural and adaptive communication and relationship management styles in 4 different dimensions, we cooperate with the most respected, scientific and psychology based solution partners within the framework of our distributorship. We measure and report the specific aspects of the individual, department, unit, function, and organization within the framework of the correlation methodologies appropriate to your job descriptions, in a comparative manner with the people you have previously recruited.

We also accordingly enable you to hire and develop the right people. We identify the situation of your existing human resources in terms of competencies and leadership development, and we provide you with complete, result-oriented and holistic service and provide clear solutions with our original and scientific trainings organized in parallel with the reports.

Uses of our Measurement and Reporting Systems:

  • Skill management

  • Competency Development and Training

  • Promotion and Backup

  • Selection and placement

  • Leadership Development and Training

  • Performance management

  • Training Needs Analysis

  • Personal evolution Coaching / Mentoring

  • Technical Development Areas (Sales)

  • Workshops and Workshops