The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as; It is a relationship in which clients and coaches collaborate, in today's vague and complex environments, which maximizes personal and professional potential, inspires the client to think more and enter creative processes. Coaches believe that each individual is creative, resourceful and complete. The responsibilities of the coach working on this basis are:

  • To explore, clarify and adapt the facts that the client wants to reach.

  • Encourage the client to discover him/herself.

  • To reveal the solutions and strategies produced by the client.

  • To keep the client accountable.

This process helps clients to develop their personal leadership skills and help them develop their business and private lives while exposing their potential. Coaching works are conducted within the scope of Self Made Human International Academy within the scope of Individual Existence Academy.

About the Individual Existence School and Coaching

While the individual struggles to reach goals, he/she sometimes encounters a number of interruptions, tensions and limitations arising, his/her surroundings, or the nature of the individual existence. Especially in such periods, the person between the dilemmas, the situation due to the emotional state does not know what to do and is forced to live. He may feel anxiety, inadequacy, helplessness or worthlessness due to the events occurring in business life and / or in private life. With regard to the reality of the present situation and with a neutral perspective, it may need to clarify processes, develop insights into their feelings, thoughts and behaviors, make rational choices, and make decisions based on it.

The Individual Existence School coach supports the client in order to better deal with these situations, enable the client to discover and implement their own solutions to lead a more productive and meaningful life. The Individual Existence School does not deny an individual's concerns; on the contrary, it tries to teach the individual how to deal with these feelings and thoughts with courage and compassion. Unlike psychotherapy, there are no treatments in coaching.

The individual is essentially unique. Therefore, the first coaching session aims to clarify the situation and set goals. Then the coach and the client set the way they will work together, the topics to be focused, the working process and the duration. In the ongoing sessions, the subjects in the direction of the predetermined objectives are studied. The frequency and number of sessions are determined according to the needs of the client. If the client is abroad, they can be coached remotely via WhatsApp. In case of need and when necessary, longer sessions can be applied. Confidentiality and other ethical issues are subject to the rules and regulations of the ICF.