We design and implement competency and leadership development programs focused on digital transformation norms and psychology science, tailored to the needs of companies; We provide management consultancy for human resources and corporate digital transformation.

Our Services

As Self Made Human International Academy, we serve companies in Turkey and abroad with our expert staff.


Training and consultancy

In line with your corporate needs, we design and offer trainings based on the new generation learning processes, digital transformation norms, psychological foundations, and leadership and competence focused development.

In addition, we provide consultancy services to institutions based on human resources, digital transformation, competence and leadership based development, management, corporate academy and evaluation center.


Inspirational Speeches

In the final meetings of the trainings, we provide the reinforcement of the process with the leading inspiring speakers of our country and we also offer a speaker service for your special events.


Outdoor and Indoor Experiential Learning

The main aim of our events is to develop the competency and leadership skills of each of our participants with the awareness of being a team, to manage the crisis, solve problems, cope with difficult conditions, and be competent in team, department, unit, function and company management. In line with these goals, we contribute to maximize the potential of your employees and leaders with our outdoor and indoor activities that are designed and implemented with highly specific constructs.



Our behavior, personality and talent measurement systems enable you to select the right people in your recruitment; We facilitate the lives of human resources management and academia by identifying and reporting the training needs of your employees and leaders.



In today's vague and complex environment, we design and implement processes that maximize personal and professional potential of our clients inspiring them to think beyond and to develop creative approaches.

We are proud of the success of our business partners and are happy to contribute to our common goals.